Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen
Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button await decision as McLaren hold final meeting Getty

Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen are expected to learn their McLaren fates imminently with a final team board meeting taking place on Thursday 4 December.

Fernando Alonso is understood to have already signed a deal with the Woking-based team after Ferrari confirmed his departure after four years ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November.

Button and Magnussen are vying for the remaining spot in the McLaren line up but have been handed a nervous wait with every other team – apart from Marussia and Caterham who are beset by bigger problems in administration – having already confirmed theirs.

McLaren announced last month their decision would be revealed after "final deliberations relating to our 2015 driver line-up until a date no earlier than Monday December 1st", but there is still no indication when their decision will be confirmed.

Button, a 15-year veteran of the sport who raced for the 266th time in his career in Abu Dhabi last month, has been outspoken regarding his deteriorating relationship with the team, comparing his current situation to an uninvited guest showing up for Christmas dinner.

The 2009 world champion has made clear he would only be interested in staying in the sport if he had a race-winning car and has spoken positively of taking up a new challenge in motorsport, with the option of following former Red Bull driver Marc Webber to the World Endurance Championship a possibility.

But another season with McLaren remains his priority. "I want to race in Formula One. It's still a question I can't answer," he told Sky Sports News.

"I think for all of our sakes, it's better sooner rather than later. If I'm in Formula One next year it's an exciting challenge with the new engine and new era with the team. If I'm not, I've got other exciting challenges that I want to focus on so I wouldn't worry about me. But as I say, it would be nice to know sooner rather than later."