Jeremy Clarkson smashed a world speed record in an "experimental amphibious" vehicle. The feat was achieved while filming the second season of the Amazon show The Grand Tour.

Clarkson broke the speed record for the "experimental amphibious unlimited class" in a modified 1970s orange three-wheeled car, which cut through the water at a top speed of 47.81 miles per hour thanks to its powerful jet-ski in the Lake District. The mod-job has retractable wheels for driving on water.

The car manufactured by Bond Cars Ltd, now a part of Reliant Motor Company, was meant to transport two people as evident from the two seats. The car was initially produced with lift-up canopy and side screens instead of doors.

Co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May were present when Clarkson made a new record in the modified car. Hammond and May were seen encouraging Clarkson before he took to the water.

Clarkson, Hammond and May filmed across five continents for the new series. A new trailer has been released to give fans a sneak peek at what they can expect in the upcoming season of the show.

The trio once again take on some of the most unforgiving terrains in the world. The footage shows them driving old Jaguars on snowy ski slopes in Colorado before taking on open deserts and mud tracks.

"It's so good to be back," Clarkson says with Paul McCartney and Wing's Live and Let Die playing in the background.

The second series of The Grand Tour will release weekly on Amazon Prime Video starting 8 December.