Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has urged apathetic voters and young people to "step up" and vote in the general election, warning that the Conservative's "reckless and rigid" Brexit will hold the country back.

The Labour leader continued his theme of a "rigged system" and said that under a Tory government, negotiations with the European Union will be skewed in favour of the few, leaving behind ordinary working people.

He insisted that a different future was possible under Labour arguing that under his stewardship, Britain would "unleash its potential".

Speaking at a rally in London on Saturday (29 April), Corbyn said: "The Conservatives would much rather make incredible promises about Britain's future outside the EU than talk about a scorecard of broken promises and neglect stretching back seven years.

"Even their approach to Brexit betrays what they're really about. Unlike Labour's Jobs First plan, it is both reckless and rigid – and entirely in keeping with their record in government.

"Make no mistake, a Brexit for the few is being cooked up by this government. One where any money saved is handed out as tax cuts to the super-rich and their corporations.

"Where new trade deals with the US and elsewhere are used to drive down our working conditions, environmental regulations and food standards.

"I think you can guess what is likely to happen to the many in a rigid and reckless Brexit. But what about the Conservatives themselves, and their friends and backers? Do you think their personal prospects will suffer? Do you think their lives will get harder as wages slide and jobs become even less secure?"

Corbyn targeted much of his speech at young voters and pointed at their absence from the electoral register and their low turnout rates as trends that must be reversed if Labour must succeed.

"The Conservatives are more than happy with this state of affairs. Apathy and resignation will secure them seats on election day," Corbyn said.

"I ask you to step up because when I talk to people all over the country, I'm struck by something troubling. It's not that our young people don't have the energy and talent to succeed. Our country is full of potential.

"But something hangs in the air. It typically goes unspoken. It's the unheard story of why so many of us are scaling back our hopes and dreams in favour of just getting by. It's the reason why this country is unable to unleash its potential."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivers a campaign speech in London on 29 April 2017 Getty

Corbyn said he believed in a different future and said he had a better way of responding to the country's problems.

"Across the country, people are being held back like never before," he said. "Unless we change course: expect more insecure work for less pay. More stress for less time with our families. It's gone too far and the country knows it.

"Quite simply, only the Labour Party can deliver a fairer Britain."