New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promised to change the culture of Prime Minister's Questions in his first time challenging David Cameron from the Commons, and he certainly kept to his word.

In a subdued PMQs session, the bespectacled left-winger immediately stressed he wanted to do away with the theatrical and adversarial "Punch and Judy politics" that had dogged the weekly session for years as he put in a calm, considered and sincere performance.

"I want to thank to the enormous democratic exercise that took place that allowed me to become the Labour party leader," he said. "I have taken part in many events across the country and people tell me that this place, our parliament, democracy and the conduct in this place [parliament] is too theatrical. People want their voices heard, so I thought that I will do PMQs a different way."

Noting his six questions had been chosen from the 40,000 submitted to him by the general public, the Islington North MP challenged Cameron over issues such as housing, the cut to tax credits and mental health.

IBTimes UK has compiled the best moments from Corbyn's debut performance at PMQs, which you can watch here.