Jeremy Corbyn's ex-wife has revealed she voted for his sole Labour leadership rival Owen Smith, just hours before ballots closed at 12.00pm BST today (21 September).

Jane Chapman backed Corbyn out of loyalty in last year's election, but she voted against him this time because Smith seemed more competent.

"I don't think there's more difference in policies," Chapman told BBC Radio 5 Live.

"But there's more difference in flexibility, media ability and I think the ability to unite the party and to have a longer term post-Brexit vision. I think that's something that's been missing."

Chapman, who split from Corbyn in 1972, also said the Labour leader's politics had not "changed much" since the decade of their divorce. The disclosure comes as the polls close in Labour's latest leadership contest.

Corbyn, who secured almost 60% of the vote in 2015, is expected to retain the top job.

The bookmakers have the left-winger favourite, he has attracted the most nominations from local Labour parties and the latest YouGov poll for The Times, of more than 1,200 people between 25 and 29 August, put Corbyn 24 points ahead of Smith (62% versus 38%).

Smith, the former shadow work and pensions secretary, wrote an open letter to Labour members and voters last night. The document was almost a concession that he had lost the race, with him admitting to a "long and bruising" campaign.

"Our party is at a crossroads, and the choice we face is between renewing our party to pursue unity and power, or satisfying ourselves with ongoing division and opposition," he said.

"It's the clearest choice we have had to face in a generation. A choice that will not just determine the future of our party, but the future of the millions of people in Britain who need Labour in power.

"I entered this contest because I want to see a Labour government again. I want to see a radical, transformative government that can change our country for the better and bring an end to another generation of Tory rule."

The winner of the leadership election will be announced around 11.45am BST this Saturday at Labour's annual conference in Liverpool.