Jessica Biel still does not trust Justin Timberlake after he was caught in a PDA moment with his "Palmer" co-star Alisha Wainwright.

The "Sinner" star still has her suspicions over her husband's loyalties even after he apologised for the photos and videos that showed him holding hands with Alisha Wainwright while heavily drunk. A source claimed that Jessica Biel still "gets bothered when Justin seems like he's on his phone for too long."

"...She still has her suspicions but he is insisting that nothing happened and has been telling her that she has zero reason not to trust him," the source told US Weekly, adding that Biel "has made it known that she is not happy with him drinking too much and for acting the way that he did."

Timberlake "knows he messed up and has been on his best behaviour" and he is trying his best to prove to his wife that he did not cheat on her. Part of the "Cry Me A River" singer's attempts to regain Biel's trust involves spending as much time as possible with her and their son, Silas.

"He has been so sweet to her and is making sure that Jessica knows how much she means to him. He is really making a big effort," the source continued, adding that the couple is spending the holiday together and that Biel is looking forward to spending some alone time with Timberlake.

The "I Can't Stop The Feeling" hitmaker made headlines in November after photos and videos of him and Wainwright holding hands leaked online. The images show him with a group of friends drinking at a balcony while on a break from filming "Palmer" in New Orleans. The "Shadowhunters" star touched Timberlake's thigh before both of them held hands.

Timberlake was pictured not wearing his wedding ring and he clearly appeared intoxicated during the night out. Friends have since insisted that nothing romantic is going on between the co-stars. The N'Sync alum has also since written a public apology on Instagram, which his wife reportedly urged him to do. Despite his apology, both Wainwright and Biel have not commented on the incident.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
Recording artist Justin Timberlake (L) and his wife actress Jessica Biel. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images