US rapper Jim Jones has taken issue with Kanye West using his name as his alias while he receives treatment at the UCLA Medical Center for exhaustion.

West, 39, was hospitalised after LAPD responded to an emergency call on Monday 21 November, hours after he abruptly cancelled the remaining dates on his Saint Pablo tour.

"At 13:20 Pacific Time, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to an unspecified medical aid request. An adult male described as medically stable was taken to an area hospital for further assessment," the police spokesperson said in a statement.

TMZ previously reported that during the 911 call West's personal physician Dr. Michael Farzam told police that his patient "Jim Jones" was suffering from temporary psychosis as a result of sleep deprivation and dehydration.

As details of the events leading up to his admission continue to emerge, Jones has expressed his disdain over being inadvertently involved.

Describing the drama as "the best catfish ever" in a clip published by TMZ, the hip-hop star insisted that he deserved an apology from Yeezus (a name West likes to use).

"I have mixed emotions because I feel verklempt about this situation," he said. "I think it's the best catfish ever. I don't know what's on Kanye's mind, but him using my name is definitely a funny thing to me. He might have called a charge but somebody should have locked his ass up for impersonating a gangsta."

The We Fly High hit maker then quickly changed his tone and went on to add that he could have potentially got into some trouble had the truth not come to light. "On the serious side, I mean that's kind of f**ked up that he would use my name in such a crazy matter to make people feel some type of way. Like, if people didn't know he was him and just thought it was Jim Jones doing the regular crazy Jim Jones thing, then I could've have got my arse in some trouble. So for that alone, I should charge Kanye a sucka fee."

He added that in spite of what West is going through, he should feel comfortable in his own skin. "Your name Kanye, my name Jim Jones. I didn't know you wanted to trade lives. I wouldn't wanna be you anyway , not in my worst nightmare. I'm cool with who I am."

Jones ended his rant by joking that he would turn the tables start using West's name at hotels and designer stores, saying: "I can't wait to pull up to hotels, the Hermes store an' tell them, 'Yes, Mr West is outside, yes, Mr West is here, he just need you to bring the stuff to the car. That 20,000 leather jacket, bring it to the car.'"