Jimmy Kimmel tells viewers that he is taking the rest of the summer off from hosting "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" so he can spend more time with his family.

The late-night talk show host made the announcement before Thursday's episode, and explained why he deserves the time off after hosting for over a decade. In a clip shared on his Instagram, the 52-year old said that he wants the rest of the summer off because he has been doing his job "for almost 18 years" and he counted a total of 3,130 shows.

Kimmel said that his decision to take a hiatus has nothing to do with health issues. He assured everyone that "there's nothing wrong."

"My family is healthy, I'm healthy. I just need a couple of months off," he explained and added that while he is gone, he has entrusted his show to a "cavalcade of very kind and capable people who will be filling in for him" as guest hosts. He believes that his viewers will "be very happy with them."

Matt Damon hilariously crashed Kimmel's announcement when he stepped out in a robe and a drink in his hand. He questioned the host's decision to take the rest of the summer off. He also revealed that he has been living in the spare bedroom at Kimmel's house for three months "waiting to get on" because he had to evacuate from the studio amid the pandemic.

The actor's appearance could likely hint at him being one of the guest hosts in Kimmel's absence. The last time Kimmel took a leave from hosting in 2017, he had A-listers for his guest hosts. They included Chris Pratt, Kristen Bell, Shaquille O'Neal, Jennifer Lawrence, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Will Arnett.

"You're not on the show. He is not on the show. That does not count," Kimmel repeatedly said in the clip although his words could mean the contrary.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" will take a two-week hiatus after Thursday's episode. The guest hosts will take over starting July 6.

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