UK workers
The daily grind is not making British workers happy Reuters

Almost one in four British workers are actively seeking a change of career, as job satisfaction in Britain has hit a two-year low, a survey released on Friday (6 May) has showed. According to figures published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), a quarter of the 2,000 respondents admitted being dissatisfied with the opportunities to further their careers and develop their skills.

The survey added that most of those who declared themselves unhappy with their current job were employed by large firms, while a third complained of exhaustion at the end of a working day and approximately the same percentage claimed they were unlikely to meet their career goals in their current job.

"Today's research shows that our approaches to job design and career management have not kept pace with the rapidly changing world of work or with employee expectations," said Claire McCartney, CIPD research adviser for resourcing and talent planning

"Although many organisations are flatter in structure and have adopted matrix ways of working, this can mean routes for career progression are not as clear."

The CIPD added pay was not being singled out as an issue by the respondents, as the number of workers unhappy with their salary was inferior to that of those satisfied with their pay. However, McCartney urged employers to rethink their approach to staff.

"Despite wider global economic uncertainty, employers need to think of new ways to keep their employees engaged and committed," she said.

"They need to think about career growth in a more holistic way, rather than traditional, hierarchical progression, and instead give employees opportunities for a breadth of diverse experiences and opportunities that maximise their skills and their employability going forward."