Rap veteran Joe Budden is the target of online backlash after accusing Lil Yatchy of lying about being "happy every day" and accusing him of being a "troll" who was ruining hip hop.

On the latest episode of Complex's web series Everyday Struggle, the Slaughterhouse MC was confronted by the All In hitmaker over comments he previously made about his music .

During their volatile conversation, the pair discussed a range of topics including the 19-year-old's album cover for Teenage Emotions, which also features two men kissing.

Yatchy, known as the King of Teens, defended the cover – saying he knew what it was like to be an outsider and reject and the cover was intended to encourage society to embrace diversity.

Throughout the candid sit-down with DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis, Budden said he's trying to "understand" Yatchy, real name iMiles Parks McCollum, but gets frustrated when the teenager insists that he is happy despite the criticism he faces from detractors like Budden and Charlamagne Tha God – who branded him the "poster child for wack rappers".

"Feelings are fickle," Budden said. "What that means is, they come and they go. Nobody is one thing forever. You cannot tell me... you would be lying to tell me that as a young man in this industry, in this music industry, in the music business, you are happy 24-7. That is a lie. That is bullshit. And I refuse to have somebody tell me bullshit. I want to have an honest conversation."

Despite Budden's becoming visibly agitated by the explanation, a composed Yachty replied that his rags-to-riches story was the source of his contentment.

"When you come from a college dorm room, with no money... and you ain't gettin' no play with no girls, you have no clothes, you have no car... and you come to having three or four cars, millions of dollars, half a million dollars on your body just to wear, and any kind of clothes you want, any hoes you want, how can you be upset?"

Fans did not support Budden's brand of tough love and took to social media to slam the rapper's harsh words, with some going as far as to suggest he was bullying Yatchy.

One person wrote: "If I had kids and wanted to destroy their self esteem, hopes, dreams and any aspirations id let em hang out w joe budden for at least 2 mins."

However some commentators claimed that love him or hate him, his words carried weight. One person said:"Everyone making fun of @JoeBudden must have never had an older, wiser figure in their life try to give them game. That's all that was."

Budden has since responded to the criticism tweeting: "I'm not here to be well liked."