Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says his side's Champions League semi-final second leg against Atletico Madrid turned on the decisive moments during which Thibaut Courtois saved from John Terry and Diego Costa convert a penalty.

Fernando Torres had put the hosts ahead before Adrain put the tie on a knife-edge with an equaliser just before the break for the La Liga leaders.

Captain Terry, returning after suffering a reported season-ending foot injury in the first leg, was denied brilliantly by Courtois, the Belgian goalkeeper is currently on loan from Chelsea, on the hour before substitute Samuel Eto'o conceded a penalty after fouling Costa.

The Spaniard scored from the resulting spot-kick before Atletico took firm control as Arda Turan tapped home after reacting first after his own header which struck the bar.

And Mourinho believes the passage in play was significant in dictating the final outcome and denying Chelsea a place in a third final in seven years.

"I think the difference was one minute in the second half where the Atletico goalkeeper makes an impossible save from John Terry's header and instead of 2-1 to Chelsea, seconds later a penalty and they scored and it's 2-1," Mourinho said.

"After that there was only one team on the pitch. My team with pride and my team trying with honour and professionalism but after that moment the game was over. Atletico were very mature and very intelligent in the way they control the game and from that moment we were not in control.

"As I say these matches are normally decided by details and there were two details. The save is amazing and the penalty is a penalty and after that it goes with the team who are top of their game the team who is in their favour for the first time.

"We didn't start the first half with that advantage and in that minute they were in complete control. We had the feeling the game was lost, they had the feeling the game was in their hands. I knew before the game they were a real team and I congratulate them."