Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho said he's confident of winning the Premier League this season and knows his team have to fight complacency to stay at the top.

The Blues are six points clear of second place Manchester City with a game in hand.

"We are in front, the advantage is not half a body, the advantage is significant, but still a long way to go," said Mourinho.

"We are there, we are strong, we are confident. We believe in our capacity to stay there until the last match.

"We know we fight against that word you use so many times – complacency – the best way to fight is to know [there is a] long way to go."

Mourinho added: "I think it's still five [in the title race], because the distance is still mathematically possible.

"The fifth, the fourth, don't have to fight against one, they have to overcome three.

"The distance is so short and mathematically I see that things are open."

Mourinho insists Chelsea are unfazed by leading from the front and being chased.

"It's become something normal for us this season to know that we are top of the league," added the Portuguese. The Blues have led from day one.

Chelsea are looking for their first Premier League title since 2009-10, when Carlo Ancelotti's side won.