Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has put further pressure on referee Anthony Taylor by stating that external influences will make it very difficult for him to have a good game when the Red Devils visit Liverpool on Monday (17 October).

The former Chelsea man has been extremely vocal about refereeing decisions in games against Manchester City and Watford where he felt that the rub of the green did not go their way.

Mourinho believes that a similar pattern will follow at Anfield where despite the competence of the officials, there will be a few calls which will not be consistent with the laws of the game, given the external pressure being put on the referee. However, he refused to be pulled into the discussion as he has previously received warnings for his comments regarding officials.

"I have my view, but I learned a lesson by being so many times punished by some words, so I don't want to say anything about it. I think Mr Taylor is a very good referee, but I think somebody with intention is putting such a pressure on him that I feel it will be difficult for him to have a very good performance," Mourinho said, as quoted by Sky Sports.

The game has been known for scuffles in the past with a host of red cards meted out to both teams over the years. Mourinho, on the other hand, believes that his team will have no trouble to keep themselves in the laws of the game and act in a disciplined manner, so as to make the job of the referee easier.

"Our disciplinary record is really, really good. We don't have problems at all at this level," he added. "We are a team that plays with discipline, that is following everything that was told to us in the meetings that we had with the representatives of the Premier League and the referees. We don't press referees, we behave on the touchline so that's a point that we are very comfortable with."

Jose Mourinho
Mourinho will his best players during Manchester United's trip to Liverpool Getty Images