A Wolverhampton judge has put three children up for adoption after social workers found the parents were both over-indulging in open relationships.

Judge Elizabeth Williscroft deemed the parents relationships dysfunctional in a closed hearing in family court. Social workers told the judge the parent's relationship was "open", despite their protests.

The mother was reportedly using Plenty of Fish to meet up with men at the house and the father was regularly welcoming "complete strangers" to the home for sex. All three of the children are younger than five.

"Father plainly chose to see other women," Williscroft said. "Mother has stated her relationships with men on the internet began as a result - whatever the cause, they were seriously risky. It is plain some complete strangers have visited her house while the children were there to have sex with her."

The information comes from a written ruling delivered by Williscroft. "They both continued their dysfunctional relationship living in the same home… all of this must have been confusing for the children."

Social workers, who were sent by Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, also raised concerns about the parents ability to look after the children. "Mother was observed parenting 'from the sofa' and relying on others to keep the children safe from hazards," Willscroft said.

The concerns were raised in August 2016 but took "an extraordinary amount of time to deal with. Normally care proceedings should be dealt with within 26 weeks at most for the obvious reason that decisions about children should be made within their timescales," Willcroft said.

According to the judge, the mother put forward the children's aunt but the local authority "did not engage proactively in this process". The aunt has since withdrawn from consideration.