The grieving father of a murder victim detonated two grenades in a courtroom killing himself and one defendant during his son's trial.

On Thursday (30 November) a man set off two hand grenades in a courtroom in the eastern city of Nikopol, in Ukraine's Dnipropetrovsk region.

The double blast injured nine people, including two other defendants, two guards, a court official and civilians, police said.

In pictures taken of the wrecked courtroom, blood can be seen splattered on the floor, blast marks up the wall, widespread debris and black stains indicating signs of burning.

Reports suggested that the blast was so powerful that it almost took a door off its hinges and smashed the windows of the court room.

Police said that the father of one of the victims died instantly while a spokesman confirmed the death of one of the defendants after he was rushed to a nearby hospital by paramedics.

BBC News reported that police said the trial taking place was of three men accused of killing two people in February 2016.

The suspects were accused of firing at a car and killing two passengers, the Mail Online reported.

In a statement, police said that an investigation into the incident is now under way. It read: "Today, on November 30, at 11.20, in the Nikopol court, during a hearing of the case on murder, the victim's father pulled out two grenades and blew them up.

"The man died on the spot from the explosion. Three defendants, two convoy officers, a court officer and one civilian were injured. All victims were taken to the hospital."

It was reported that the man detonated the grenades after it was announced that the hearing was would be adjourned.

It is feared that more firearms and explosives are getting into the hands of the ordinary public in Ukraine which has seen more than 10,000 people killed in a conflict in the east of the country since April 2014.