Jukely has been described by Vice magazine as "the Netflix for live music" Jukely

Are you one of those people who would love to go to more live music events but have no clue as to which acts are performing in your area and when? Or is your struggle that you can't afford to go to all of the gigs that you want? Perhaps you're simply a music lover, looking for the next random event to go to?

If that sounds like you, then look no further, Jukely is here to solve your problems.

Described as "the Netflix for live music" by VICE, Jukely is a concert subscription app and web platform that enables subscribers of it's Unlimited service to attend an uncapped number of concerts in their immediate area (or further afield) for a flat monthly fee of £25.

Turkish-born CEO and founder Bora Celik, tells IBTimes UK: "Jukely was born as result of the time I was working as a software engineer by day and concert promoter by night. My learnings during that time trying to break new artists to my audience and challenges I faced as a promoter acted as the core motivation to start Jukely."

The service has already been a huge hit in North America, operating in numerous cities including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, but now it's coming to the UK and Europe – and first up on the list of areas to cover is London.

Catering to a wide range of tastes, the service doesn't just stick to one genre of music, showcasing anything from "top-tier DJ's and international dance music stars to emerging indie, blues, folk, punk-rock bands, and other local talents."

Jukely CEO and founder, Bora Celik
Jukely CEO Bora Celik founded the service in 2013 Jukely

Celik understands that the service's diversity when it comes to their varied events is one of it's biggest selling points, saying "Jukely not only allows fans to see an unlimited number of shows for a flat fee, but it also introduces audiences to emerging artists and genres that they wouldn't ordinarily have sought out."

For example, upcoming shows in the capital that Jukely users could attend feature acts such as Wu-Tang Clan, Coasts, Run The Jewels and Alison Moyet as well as a plethora of lesser-known performers.

Celik highlighted one of the company's most innovative features and alluded to the fact that it could see a new type of music event attendee within the industry.

"In contrast to a typical consumer who attends just 1–2 concerts annually, Jukely users attend an average of 2–3 concerts per month: demonstrating that this model and approach to live music is changing audience behaviour, encouraging music-lovers to discover new bands and artists with which they are not familiar," he said.

Celik finished by announcing Jukely's intentions "to do for the UK what it's already doing across the major cities of North America."

He claimed: "We want to help reinvigorate the live music scene and ensure that music lovers can find quality shows on tap. Jukely incentivises fans to go out and enjoy together the unique, social experience that only live music can offer."