Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum will feature in the Jurassic World sequel - File photo REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Jurassic World 2 will feature the much-anticipated return of veteran actor Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm, who has been a part of all four original Jurassic Park movies.

Speaking to, the Thor Ragnarok actor revealed that his chaotician character from Jurassic Park will not be too happy with the use and misuse of technology.

He told the outlet, "Ian Malcolm, yes, might be back in this one, and he might have something to say about the current confluence of circumstances around the use and misuse of technology.

"With some wry irony, deep wise passionate conviction, and he might put on a nice dark bit of clothing here and there... and a tint of glass maybe," he added.

In the films, Goldblum played Malcolm, a mathematician who came to the park as an insurance consultant and managed to survive all the deadly attacks.

The veteran actor also went on to humorously explain what Malcolm's been up to in the past 20 years. He joked, "What's he been up to in the meantime? He opened a jazz club, probably, and he's been playing every Wednesday in a place called Rockwell. He calls it Rockwell."

Previously, director/co-writer Colin Trevorrow spoke about the Jurassic World sequel on Josh Horowitz's HappySadConfused podcast, and revealed the theme for the upcoming movie.

Trevorrow said, "It's definitely about our greed and the depths of depravity that humans will sink in order to satisfy their need for profit. We're certainly continuing with a lot of those themes but in different ways.

"But without spoiling anything, there's definitely new themes that have never been examined in a Jurassic movie before. That we've gotten into that, I really think will expand people's idea of what these movies can be, that it's not just people running away from dinosaurs on an island," the director added.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will also feature new dinosaur breeds which are more "awe-inspiring and terrifying than ever before". The film, starring Chris Pratt as Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing, hits theatres on 22 June, 2018.