Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is unhappy with his side's schedule in the ongoing Carabao Cup. After completing a thrilling victory over Arsenal last night, Klopp spoke at a press conference. There, he threatened to quit the tournament if the EFL doesn't arrange a suitable date for the Reds' quarter-final match.

Last night, Anfield witnessed a shower of goals as the match was tied 5-5 at the end of regulation time. However, the match went to penalties and the home team came out ahead by the slimmest of margins, 5-4. Irrespective of the results, the Liverpool coach expressed his concerns about a congested timetable ahead of his team.

Klopp declared, "If they don't find an appropriate place for us, not 3 am on Christmas Day, then we don't play it."

Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp Getty Images

The Reds are scheduled to compete in a FIFA Club World Cup game in the very week when his side's Carabao quarter-final match is due. Klopp believes that the schedule would have its consequences on the players. Therefore, he made his demands clear, and he wants a schedule that wouldn't take a toll on his players' wellness.

If Liverpool forfeits, their competitor in the quarter-final will advance to the semi-finals without playing the last-eight game. The Reds' quarter-final competitor will be decided today.

Liverpool is exposed to a fixture pile-up. They are scheduled to play with a gap of only a few days until the new year. Their busy schedule starts right after the upcoming international break.

Their Premier League encounter with West Ham was originally scheduled on December 21. However, the game has been postponed due to the Club World Cup. Liverpool will play 11 games between November 23, when they travel to play against Crystal Palace and December 29, which will be a home clash against the Wolves.

According to the Mirror, Liverpool might face repercussions if they drop out of the competition. However, as of now, it is unclear what penalty might be imposed on the UCL champions.