The Justice League movie seems to have made another addition to its cast as reports suggest that the superhero movie is thinking of roping in Game Of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju in its star-studded line-up. A concept art on the sets of the Warner Bros movie hinted at the possible casting of Hivju as an ancient Atlantean king.

Norwegian actor Hivju is best known for playing the role of a bad-tempered wildling leader Thormund Giantsbane in the HBO series Game Of Thrones.

According to a report in IGN, the crimson-bearded character from the TV drama might play a small yet crucial role in the WB movie. If all goes well, Hivju might make a leap from portraying a wildling to playing an ancient king, who possibly appears during the "hiding of the Mother Boxes" scene.

Although most movie websites are speculating about the casting based on visits to the Justice League sets, WB studios is yet to confirm the news.

Hivju's Justice League character will reportedly feature in an expository sequence. If the casting news is actually confirmed, the 37-year-old actor-cum-producer will star alongside Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and his Game Of Thrones co-star Jason Mamoa as Aquaman in the superhero movie. Apart from this DC role, Hivju has bagged another major spot in the Fast and Furious franchise too, starring as one of the villains in Fast 8.

Meanwhile, during the set visit, Justice League executive producer Deborah Snyder and director Zack Snyder teased the possible supervillain in the movie, whose threats force Batman to assemble a team of superheroes. A Comicbook report asserted that Deborah has confirmed that the grand force uniting the superpowers will be none other than Steppenwolf – Darkseid's uncle, who was seen in a deleted scene from the Batman movie with Lex Luthor in a Kryptonian bath.

In fact, the Parademons first seen in Batman's Knightmare will also have major antagonistic influences on the plot of the movie.

Justice League is scheduled to hit theatres on 17 November 2017.