Sahara Ray
Sahara Ray posing for the cameras. Getty Images/Matthew Eisman

Instagram sensation Sahara Ray is not shy about flaunting her flawless body. The model-turned-fashion designer continued the trend by sharing more racy photos of hers on social media.

The former girlfriend of Justin Bieber once again took to Instagram to post three images that show her wearing a white swimsuit. The Aussie model can also be seen drinking milk straight out of a jug in one of the images.

In one of the photo, the body-confident blonde is seen on her knees, holding a jar of milk while admiring a female pal, who has her back towards the camera. The person posing alongside 24-year-old Ray is model Bryana Holly, according to The Daily Star.

The Aussie beauty scribbled over her nipple before sharing the images with her 1.3 million fans on Instagram. "Love your wife. Love your nipples," she has captioned the images.

Although Ray's bosom is visible in the images, she has covered up her nipple by scribbling over it to adhere to the photo and video sharing application's strict guidelines on posting X-rated content.

The photos have sent pulses racing, with fans showering her with compliments.

"I always admire your beauty, In sunny days and in winter I always admire you Since the day is born, until he dies From the time I open my eyes to the end of my days, I always admire you," one fan gushed over Ray's explosive images.

Another wrote, "Thanks for sharing love it great work beautiful."

"You're both literally goddesses, so much beauty," one fan said, admiring the models' gorgeous looks.

Love your wife. Love your nipples.

A post shared by Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) on

Love your wife. Love your nipples.

A post shared by Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) on