Things worked out really well for Atletico Madrid when they snatched up Luis Suarez after FC Barcelona dropped him last summer. A year later, Suarez scored the winning goal that helped them lift the 2020/21 LaLiga Santander trophy. This summer, Atletico is targeting another big name from a rival club to boost their squad.

It has been reported that Atletico Madrid is planning on reinforcing their squad by signing Juventus forward Paulo Dybala. In a situation that mirrors The Uruguay international's final season with Barcelona, Dybala has also been struggling to hold on to his starting position in the Juventus squad in the past 12 months.

Marca reports that an exchange deal is currently brewing between Juventus and Atletico Madrid. Dybala is one of the players involved, with Angel Correa the probable counterpart from the Spanish side. The deal is supposedly a way for both clubs to move some players without having to cash out. However, Correa has been on manager Diego Simone's good side as of late, so it remains to be seen if he will be willing to push through with the swap.

Apart from Correa, another player who might be part of the negotiations between the two clubs is Alvaro Morata. The Spaniard is on a loan deal with Juventus from Atletico, and the Bianconeri appear to be keen on making the deal more permanent. In effect, Dybala may be offered in a swap deal that would see the Argentine moving to the Wanda Metropolitano.

Atletico Madrid hit the jackpot when they took a gamble on Luis Suarez last season, and they may be able to do the same with Dybala. The latter has been unable to shine in the squad as of late, with much of the Juventus attack focused on Cristiano Ronaldo. However, Ronaldo himself is now being linked to a possible exit. The upcoming transfer window will certainly prove to be interesting, with a number of big names expected to make a move.

Paulo Dybala
Juventus forward Paulo Dybala AFP / Isabella BONOTTO