Kanye West
Kanye West should stop encouraging Kim Kardashian to strip for the world, according to Tank Reuters

It looks like it's not only covert hacktivist group Anonymous trying to take Kanye West down a peg or two. R'n'b star Tank has accused the All Day rapper of objectifying his reality star wife, Kim Kardashian.

During an appearance on the Have A Seat Talk Show, the TGT star had some harsh words for the self-professed King of Hip Hop, who he claims is exploiting his other half by posting her nude images online.

When he took part in the show's 'Golden Chair' segment, where guests are allowed to blast other celebs they feel should "have a seat", Tank singled out West.

"As much as I am a fan of this guy, I think he definitely this golden chair. I 'ma go [with] Kanye. I just want to know, how many pictures of Kim are we going to put out there with barely no clothes on? I just want to know – how many pictures of your wife, with a baby, how much – like, you know what I'm saying?" he told the hosts.

West recently tweeted seven racy images of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's latest nude shoot using captions such as "Swish, I'm so lucky" to celebrate her reaching the 30 million milestone on Twitter. But Tank believes that as a parent West should not be encouraging his wife to strip naked for the world and should want to maintain some level of privacy.

"At a certain point, we all have to grow up and we have to be examples to our children. Alright? Let's stop putting this married woman's assets all over the place.

"As a man, when I get married, I'm not putting my wife's assets out on the blogs for people. That is mine. That belongs to me!

"That's where my face goes. My face. I don't want any other person imagining their face or any other extracurricular with my wife."

Earlier in March, an unnerving seven-minute video listing West's apparent multitude of sins and branding him "a spoiled child in a grown man's body" surfaced online.

Apparently Anonymous, or somebody claiming to be affiliated with the group, were outraged by the hip hop star's stage invasions at award ceremonies, foray into fashion and the co-signing of his wife's Break The Internet campaign in 2014.

"Our tolerance with your arrogant and distasteful behaviour to gain attention online has reached its end. We will be watching you," the video is captioned.