Karla de los Angeles gorded
Karla de los Angeles was gored twice by the bull AlToroMexico.com

The female bullfighter who was viciously gored in Mexico could return to action in just two weeks, according to reports.

Bullfighting website Mundotoro claims Karla de los Angeles, who suffered two major injuries during her fight in Plaza Mexico on 28 December, is recovering well in hospital.

The site adds that De los Angeles, who was gored in her thigh and gluteal muscles by a bull weighing half a ton, will be discharged from hospital today [30 December] provided there are no further complications.

The report reads: "Doctors estimate that [De los Angeles] will be able to return to bullfighting in two weeks, although she must rest during this period."

De los Angeles was fighting in the 'festejo de damas', an all-female event, when she was hit. The bull initially flipped her over its head, but she returned following medical treatment, only to suffer a second blow.

Speaking from her hospital bed, De los Angeles defended her decision to keep fighting, saying: "this was my bull. I had to return to fight, knowing that I was injured. My leg was giving me a lot of pain, but I was not going to accept that anyone would finish the bull but me.

"For this reason I returned to do it [finish the bull], I got it, although the second goring hurt me a lot."

De los Angeles, a single mother has previously spoken of her dream to become a matador [a master bullfighter who kills the bulls they face], and said that having a young child is "no impediment" to her career in the ring.

Another of the female participants in the festejo de damas, Lupita Lupez, was also injured while fighting. She is also making a good recovery.

Mundotoro claims that Lopez received medical treatment and doctors estimated that she will be able to return to her normal day-to-day activities in one week.