The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared on Christmas special programme with legendary chef Mary Berry and had some intimate conversations. As Kate Middleton took Berry to a dry bar in Liverpool, she revealed some exciting details from their early days in the University.

Airing on BBC One, the Christmas special is titled "A Berry Royal Christmas" where the Cambridges joined the British food writer in on a trip to various charities they are patrons of, and spent time putting up a feast for those who are working on holidays.

Kate Middleton and Mary Berry visited UK's first dry bar called The Brink, an initiative by charity Action on Addiction. According to The Sun, during their time at the place, Berry crafted a non-alcoholic cocktail with the duchess to offer the guests in the Liverpool bar. In conversation with former "The Great British Bake Off" show host, the 37-year-old revealed that she "did a bit of waitressing" while she was still in University. She went on to reveal, she was "terrible" at it as she joked and laughed.

The royal mother-of-three can be seen shaking up some cocktails, too.

"This is when you make sure you put the lid on. I did this with a spinach soup once and forgot to put the lid on it, and we ended up with spinach soup on the ceiling," the duchess described one of the incidents.

Later, Kate revealed how William tried to impress her in their early days of the relationship. She divulges that the prince, who is second in the line of the British throne, used to cook to impress her.

"In university days he used to cook all sorts of meals, I think that was when he was trying to impress me, Mary. Things like bolognaise sauces and things like that," she said.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Pakistan tour
Uluru is popular with foreign tourists to Australia, including Britain's Prince William, who visited with his wife Catherine in 2014. Photo: POOL / WILLIAM WEST

Kate went on to say that he is good at breakfast. As for her children, she said that their family is hands-on when it comes to food at the palace. All of her children are just as fond of food as their parents.

"A Berry Royal Christmas" airs on Monday at 8:30 pm on BBC One.