Web jokers delivered their own damning verdict on the new painting of Kate Middleton by covering her face with a picture of evil spectre Vigo, from Ghostbusters 2.

They took advantage of the eerie atmosphere of Paul Emsley's painting to make a joke out of Kate's very first official portrait as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Instead of the pregnant Royal gazing from the canvas, it is Vigo the Carpathian from the 1989 film instead - a genocidal madman also known as the Sorrow of Moldovia.

In the Hollywood flick, Vigo was a 16<sup>th century sorcerer comes back from the dead, using paranormal slime to unleash an army of darkness upon New York City. Only the Ghostbusters can stop him.

Picking Vigo to replace the Duchess in the prank was at least consistent: in Ghostbusters 2, Vigo's powers reside within a huge imposing self portrait of him.

The choice also reflects the unusual atmosphere of the piece created by artist Emsley. He claimed to use photographs during the process, which may explain why an uneasy slickness lingers in his image.

Using extreme dark and high light created a haunting atmosphere and an opportunity, predictably taken at once by jokers. Another effect of Emsley's piece is to make Kate look every one of her 31 years.

Of course, Kate looks radiant in reality and the menacing features of the Ghostbuster villian Vigo only serve to remind us of that.

Kate as she should be in portrait
Kate as she should be in portrait