Katie Price has been banned from driving for six months after being caught doing more than 60mph last summer, breaking the speed limit near her country home in West Sussex. The ban is the 39-year-old's second.

The former model and television personality was charged with not providing driver details after failing to notify police when her speeding ticket came through. She was given six penalty points on her license.

Price was previously banned in 2012 after she did not respond to two speeding tickets (via The Sun).

The Loose Women panelist was convicted at Brighton magistrates' court. She was not banned for speeding, but for failing to tell police who was behind the wheel.

She received a fine of £750 fine and was ordered to pay £200 in costs as well as a £75 surcharge.

Price revealed she was being taken to court for a driving offence last week during a Instagram live video in which she told fans: "I've probably lost my licence as I have to go to court again."

Katie Price shot to fame in the 90s under her modelling pseudonym Jordan before a string of appearances on reality TV series like and numerous best selling books.