Donald Trump's controversial senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway, is the subject of debate once again after being awarded the American Association of Political Consultants' MVP award.

Conway received the award recently, prompting criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike who seriously questioned whether she should have been rewarded for her role in Trump's presidential campaign.

A Democrat member of the AAPC, speaking anonymously to Politico, said Conway's award had been criticised by people who were "questioning her ability and how much say she had in the campaign as well as the ethics of her participation in the campaign".

The member added: "People were angry. It blew up on Facebook. There were people questioning ... whether to go to events in the future."

It is believed questions were also raised as to whether Conway remained a member of AACP – prompting members to ask why she had been given the award if, indeed, she was no longer a member.

And others questioned whether Trump's overall campaign for president was operated within AAPC guidelines.

However, although there was fierce debate surrounding the topic, the AAPC decided Conway had been pivotal to Trump's presidential campaign – without doubt the most high-profile political campaign of the year.

Conway did not accept the award in person, perhaps wanting to avoid those who did not appreciate her receiving the accolade Instead, she accepted it via video link.