KickassTorrents' alleged owner considers voluntary surrender to US  authorities Kickass Torrents

Artem Vaulin, the alleged owner of KickassTorrents, is considering surrendering voluntarily to US authorities.

Documents submitted to an Illinois District Court, and seen by TorrentFreak, suggest that under right conditions Vaulin might consider travelling to the US so that he can resolve pending charges.

"Mr Vaulin and his counsel in the United States recently have engaged in discussions with the government to determine if the parties can resolve this matter, or at least certain significant issues," Vaulin's legal team notes in a motion for a status conference that was submitted to the court.

This includes "...issues relating to the proper calculation of the sentencing guidelines and/or the possibility of an agreement for bond should Mr Vaulin decide to voluntarily surrender to the United States authorities and appear before this Court to resolve the pending charges," reads the document.

In March a Polish court ruled that Vaulin could be extradited to the US. The US Department of Justice accused Vaulin and his alleged co-conspirators of being responsible for unlawfully distributing copyrighted material worth $1bn (£780m).

Following this, Vaulin's defence team announced an appeal and he was released on bail and now lives in Warsaw. His release made it easier to communicate with his attorneys in the US, who started negotiating with the US government.

Vaulin's defence team had earlier submitted a motion to dismiss the indictment charges. They are hopeful that a ruling would bring some clarity over the issue.