Volunteers and police launched a massive search for an eight-year-old schoolgirl who was snatched from the street. The girl, identified only as "Tanya" by the police, was abducted in the town of Neya in the Kostroma region of Russia. The search ended when the child was found hidden inside the foldable sofa bed in the home of her kidnapper. Tanya was reunited with her family, and her kidnapper has since been arrested. He has been charged with the kidnapping and might face further charges which could see him imprisoned for more than five years.

During lunch break, Tanya was walking to her home in the small town. On her way, she was grabbed by the unnamed kidnapper. He picked the child up and held her captive in the boot of his Chevrolet Cruze. He then drove the child to his home. For one and a half days, the child was held captive by her abductor.

When the child failed to return home, the worried parents contacted police. Police took immediate action and started a search for Tanya. Volunteer Liza Alert Search and Rescue squad joined the search for Tanya, as they help find missing children in Russia.

With the help of the volunteers, the police managed to raid the home of the kidnapper. While looking through the home, the child was discovered hidden. The 36-year-old man had trapped the child within the foldable sofa bed. After she was rescued, the child was photographed seated on the sofa bed wrapped in a quilt.

Police swiftly arrested the man and charged him with kidnapping a minor.

Tanya was given immediate medical attention before being sent to a hospital. She appeared to be unharmed physically. However, she was suffering from "acute stress," the Mirror reported. Tanya received immediate psychological help and will be receiving further psychological assistance. The family was reunited with the young girl over 36-hours since her abduction.

Police interrogated the suspect and made him recreate the events using a mannequin. He showed the police how he pushed the child into the vehicle's boot before taking her to his home.

For the abduction of a minor, the kidnapper might be imprisoned for five to 12 years.

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