If the corruption allegations and self-imposed exile were not enough for King Juan Carlos, a new report has emerged that the former Spanish King had to be injected with female hormones after his rampant sex drive became a "danger" to the state.

José Manuel Villarejo, a former police commissioner who is on trial for blackmail and corruption, claimed during a parliamentary hearing that the Spanish secret Service had to take the step to stop the-then monarch from causing one scandal after another. According to the Times, Villarejo said, "The National Intelligence Centre injected female hormones and testosterone blockers to control his libido because it was considered a problem of state that he was so horny."

"They took everything away from him, he couldn't be with a woman or anything," the 70-year-old added, clarifying that he did not have any involvement in the effort to manage King Juan Carlos' sex drive. However, he was allegedly asked to get rid of medical documents which would have proven that the treatment happened.

Villarejo said that it was Corinna Larsen, a former lover of the Spanish royal, who revealed the secret to him.

King Juan Carlos has had multiple affairs in his lifetime, despite his position as the monarch of the country. Society writer Amadeo Martinez Ingles claimed in his 2016 book "Juan Carlos: The King of 5,000 lovers," that the ex-king was a sex addict and had hundreds of relationships even after marriage to his wife Queen Sofia in 1962.

As per the book, the King had 62 lovers in one six-month period alone. It also talks about a "passionate period" between 1976 and 1994 where the royal had reportedly slept with a staggering 2,154 women.

There have been several other claims of King Juan Carlos' inappropriate love life. Spanish royal family expert Pilar Eyre previously said that the King had even made a "tactile" advance to Princess Diana when she was just 25. The Princess of Wales herself denied that he had made a pass at her, but admitted that the "charming" royal could be a "little too attentive."

Meanwhile, some reports in January 2017 claimed that spymasters paid a former Miss World contestant millions of pounds of taxpayers' money to stop her from revealing her supposed affair with Juan Carlos when he was still King.

King Juan Carlos
Spain's former king Juan Carlos abdicated in 2014 Photo: AFP / JAIME REINA