Cuckmere Haven and Seven Sisters
A view taken from Seaford Head looks towards the Seven Sisters on the South Coast as the latest storm continues across the south of England on February 15, 2014 GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images

An inquest found that a Korean student fell 200ft to her death while taking a photograph at a popular UK beauty spot. Hyewon Kim, 23, had asked some tourists to take a picture of her high up on Cuckmere Haven in Sussex, which overlooks the Seven Sisters cliffs.

But as she jumped in the air for the photo, she landed, stumbled backwards and fell over the edge of the cliff. East Sussex coroner Alan Craze determined that the death, which took place on the 22 June 2017, was due to misadventure, The Argus reported.

"If people do things which put them in extreme and obvious danger, there is a limit to which they can be stopped.

"From a language point of view, there is a difference between accident and misadventure. In this particular case, the right conclusion is misadventure."

The inquest also revealed that the tourists who had tried to take Kim's photo did not know her. Police said the tourists were taken to Newhaven police station for questioning.

They were also South Korean, and the police investigations were aided with the assistance of the Korean embassy. Police also said that the photos, which showed "nothing but enjoyment", would not be released because they are too "distressing" to be in the public domain.

DS Tod Stewart from Sussex police CID said: "They are important to an understanding of what happened. She landed with one foot beyond the cliff edge and only her other foot landing on the cliff edge. Every one of the photos shows her looking away from the cliff edge."

Police were able to access the locked phone after they connected it to her laptop, which was in a bag at the to of the cliff.