krispy kreme
Krispy Kreme have 'accidently' sent out an internal email revealing the new Nutella filling that is hitting stores on May 27. Getty

Either someone in the Krispy Kreme marketing team is going to get fired, or get a well deserved bonus. An alleged 'leaked' internal memo was sent out to Krispy Kreme customers in the UK revealing a new filling flavour that will hit stores on 27 May – Nutella.

The email, immediately followed by a mail recall, was directed to store managers announcing that the "'Nutty Chocolatta' doughnut, filled with Nutella" would be coming to their store later this month with instructions of how to prepare for such an event. Firstly the stores would receive multiple pallets 'loaded' with jars of Nutella with a note stating "As tempting as it is this is not for staff consumption."

If the email didn't look a little suspicious after that it certainly seemed odd as the memo went on to advise managers on how to deal with extreme customer reactions including fainting, dribbling and over-excitement that might include "squealing as well as jumping up and down on the spot." Now we all know that Krispy Kreme's are addictive but even this seemed a little weird to be detailed on an internal memo.

Naturally, with an 'leaked' email that is labelled as 'highly confidential and is not to be shared via any form of social media' everyone who saw the memo immediately went to Twitter to show the world as well as some declaring the email an obvious marketing stunt.

In a statement Krispy Kreme sent IBTimes UK, the team denied that that email leak was a stunt, issuing the following statement:

Krispy Kreme would like to apologise for sharing the news of our new doughnut in this way. This email was meant to be sent out to all of the store managers to prepare them for the launch of our limited edition Nutty Chocolatta doughnut filled with NUTELLA® hazelnut spread with cocoa.

Krispy Kreme remains committed to serving our customers' needs and we strive to prepare our staff for any enquiries we may receive around any new campaigns. We are delighted with the reactions we have received so far.

Either way, the important news here really is that Nutella Krispy Kremes are arriving on 27 May and for those of you who were planning on jumping up and down, dribbling or fainting, everyone in the world should now be fully prepped to deal with the situation.