Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard
Bell and Shepard share two daughters: Lincoln Shepard and Delta Bell Shepard Reuters

Kristen Bell took to social media to share the first photo of her daughter. The Boss actress posted a sweet photo of her daughter with husband Dax Shepard on Instagram on 15 September. However, it is not clear as to which one of her two daughters is in the photo.

The photo shared by The Forgetting Sarah Marshal star shows the proud father and their daughter taking a dip in the sea, while the 36-year-old actress poses in front of the camera. Bell has captured the photo in such a way that it looks like her daughter and husband are placed on her palm.

First daddy daughter swim in Lake Michigan-a right of passage for any Mitten baby ✋

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"First daddy daughter swim in Lake Michigan-a right of passage for any Mitten baby ✋," Bell has captioned the photo.

The couple share two daughters: 3-year-old old Lincoln Shepard and 20-month-old Delta Bell Shepard.

Previously, Bell said her top priority in life was her family - and was happy not being a big celebrity.

"I always think, if I'm on my deathbed, what am I going to be thinking about? It won't be some random movie I participated in, or some TV show, it will be my family," she said.

"Those big fish sometimes have a real hard time. I can still go to the grocery store, I think I'm real happy with the size fish that I am."

The actress has also praised Shepard for being a "wonderful father". The actor reportedly struggled with drug addiction in the past.

"He's a wonderful father. He knows the value of things. He was an addict for many, many years and he pulled himself out of it, and he's been sober for 11, 12 years now. And he knows how many times he's messed up and how many times he's been really close to losing everything," Bell said.