While La La Land's first teaser trailer focused on Ryan Gosling and the second alternatively centred around co-star Emma Stone, the third, and so far, only full-length, sneak peek sees the pair come together in a piece of promotional material that is worthy of awards itself. Never mind the Oscars best picture buzz surrounding the movie... is there a category for best trailer?

Showcasing Justin Hurwitz's truly stunning soundtrack, the new video features plenty more footage from the film than we've seen in previous clips as well as lots of dialogue too, which the others were absent of, allowing viewers to see the humour interjected in the film. "This is the dream, it's conflict and it's compromise and it's very very exciting," Gosling exclaims... we couldn't agree more.

Cinematographer Linus Sandgren – who previously worked on American Hustle and Joy – also flexes his stylistic skills in the trailer. With stunning iris transitions (which hark back to vintage filmmakers using in-camera effects to begin or end a scene), purposely underexposed set-ups and completely silhouetted black and white shots, this movie sure seems like it's going to be a musical treat for both the eyes and the ears.

Set against a heightened neon-lit and dreamy Los Angeles backdrop, the film follows Stone's aspiring actress Mia, who works as a barista in a movie studio lot coffee shop, and jazz musician Sebastian (Gosling) who plays in rundown bars to make a living. Before long the pair meet and fall in love but as they become more successful, certain opportunities they've worked so hard for rear their heads and challenge their relationship.

La La Land
Unlike the first two, the new trailer features dialogue, including a terse exchange between JK Simmons (left) and Ryan Gosling Summit Entertainment / YouTube

Emerging as a glorious ode to old-school romance movies, with a touch of wistful melancholy thrown in – a la Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge – La La Land also stars Mad Men's Rosemarie DeWitt, American Horror Story's Finn Wittrock, John Legend and JK Simmons. It will be released in US cinemas from 16 December and will reach UK big screens a little later on 13 January 2017.

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