YouTube footage showing Los Angeles police shooting dead a man armed with a crowbar in a restaurant car park has gone viral.

The amateur footage is filmed from inside a car and was taken by a teenager on his mobile phone outside a fast food restaurant.


The victim had allegedly smashed a number of windows at the restaurant before he was challenged by police.


Officers shot him in the face with a Taser but he pulled out the electrical probes and moved as though ready to swing his crowbar at them



Another officer shot him five shots but he was still standing. The officer then shot him another five times before he died.

"They could have done something f*****g different than f*****g shoot him, use a baton or some s**t," said the person filiming the scene.


The victim and the two policemen have not been named. Los Angeles Police Department has not released a statement.

Some online commenters voiced disgust at how the cameraman and his friends in the car could be heard laughing after the man was shot.

One said: "Interesting how those teenagers were hoping for the suspect to come outside so they could watch him getting Tasered and joking about it - only for him to get shot, what's worse they still laughed about it, sign of the times of US youth?"