Laptop explosives may not be detected by airport security. Getty Images

Laptop bombs used by terrorists may not be detected by airport security, intelligence suggests.

US intelligence agencies have information that suggests terror organizations have access to sophisticated technology that prevents the detection of explosive devices hidden in laptops, CNN revealed.

Testing of such devices by the FBI has suggested some of the security checks used by airports would not pick up on the explosives.

It is believed the intelligence led to the laptop ban, put into place by US President Donald Trump's administration.

The ban prevents laptops or any devices larger than a mobile from being taken used on direct flights to the country from 10 airports in seven Middle Eastern countries and Turkey.

The decision prompted similar action from the UK, which enacted a ban on devices from five countries from the Middle East, northern Africa and Turkey.

However, the Department of Homeland Security told CNN it could not publicly discuss the specific intelligence information.

"However, evaluated intelligence indicates that terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation, to include smuggling explosive devices in electronics," the Department of Homeland Security told the news channel in a statement.

"The US government continually re-assesses existing intelligence and collects new intelligence. This allows DHS and TSA to constantly evaluate our aviation security processes and policies and make enhancements when they are deemed necessary to keep passengers safe. As always, all air travelers are subject to a robust security system that employs multiple layers of security, both seen and unseen."