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In Season 12, Riot has been introducing new "League of Legends" champions one after the other. Zeri was the first champion to arrive at the game this season, followed by Renata Glasc, Bel'Veth, and Nilah.

But it looks like Riot is not done yet, as it is set to unleash K'Sante, the Pride of Nazumah. Here's what we know about the upcoming character, including his abilities and release date.

New 'League of Legends' champion K'Sante's background

The upcoming "League of Legends" champion K'Sante is known as the Pride of Nazumah, an uncharted region of Shurima that players will soon be able to explore. "Nazumah is an oasis city-state in the southern outskirts of the desert," Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles said, according to Dexerto. "Unlike the rest of Shurima, they don't bow to Azir."

The residents of Nazumah had to fight and compete with monsters for the only water source for miles. The townsfolk eventually succeeded in claiming the oasis as their own and establishing their community there.

"Now, 500 years later, this new champion leads the warriors of Nazumah to hunt those same monsters, using the rare resources they gain to build their infrastructure and weapons," he added.

K'Sante abilities

  • Passive: Dauntless Impact Upon hitting a marked enemy, K'Sante's damaging ability will consume the mark to deal damage plus max health physical damage.
  • Q: Ntofo Strikes - K'Sante slams his weapon, slowing any opponents for a limited period of time and delivering physical damage to a small area around him. If an enemy is struck, K'Sante temporarily gets a stack, with K'Sante releasing a shockwave that Pulls foes at 2 stacks.
  • W: Path Maker - Start charging: K'Sante raises his weapons defensively for a brief period of time, becoming Unstoppable and absorbing less damage.
  • Release - K'Sante charges forward, knocking back and stunning enemies he passes through for a brief period of time based on charge time, dealing a percentage of max health physical damage.
  • E: Footwork K'Sante sprints while earning a temporary shield. When sprinting to an ally, the distance is greatly widened, and they are also Shielded. This ability allows the casting of more spells.
  • R: All Out When K'Sante breaks his tonfas, an enemy champion takes physical damage and is knocked back. When enemies hit a wall, they suffer more physical damage, are knocked back over the wall, and momentarily become stunned. The enemy is then pursued by K'Sante as she goes All Out for a while.

K'Sante release date

The "League of Legends" patch 12.21 release date, which brings the new champion K'Sante into the game, is on November 2, 2022.