Game of Thrones season 7
 HBO Spain apparently accidentally aired the sixth episode of Game of Thrones season 7 HBO

The sixth episode of Game of Thrones season 7 has reportedly been leaked. This time it has not come from the hackers, but from the network itself as HBO Spain 'accidentally' aired it instead of the fifth one.

This is another massive blow for the series, which has already endured script leaks and episode leaks throughout the new season. Two weeks ago, the fourth episode was leaked from the network's India distributor– HotStar. Four people have been arrested in connection with the leak so far.

Although fans are freaking over the alleged leak, a representative from the network denied having any knowledge of the blunder by the Spanish HBO. A Reddit user posted a screenshot of an image of Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane as they venture deep into the North to catch a live 'undead'. The user claims that "HBO Spain aired the 7x06 by mistake for one hour."

Hours after the sixth episode titled Death is the Enemy allegedly aired on the Spanish network, furious fans expressed their disgust at the channel ruining their excitement. However, apart from the screenshots or few images, fans could not find any video clippings of the same.

"All these Game of Thrones episode 6 leak live streams keep getting shutdown. Where are the links people," one intrigued fan questioned. "Twitter is full of spoilers but no one has a link to episode 6 leak," added another. "Damn another Game of Thrones leak, this time Episode 6 "Death is the Enemy" — I have to fight the urge, don't watch it," a third one tweeted.

However, a handful of GoT fans joked HBO might have aired the episode in retaliation to the hackers' ransom. Cyber criminals have threatened to release the episode if the network does not respond to their demands.

"HBO: "Oh you'll leak my s***t? NOT IF I LEAK IT FIRST," one Reddit user commented on the leaked image. "HBO f****d their plot, this is their revenge," wrote another. "Episodes 4 and 6 are probably the best episodes of season 7. Both episodes get leaked. I begin to wonder if HBO leaks their episodes on purpose to attract even more viewers. I can't believe this would happen twice," a third one speculated.