The Walking Dead season 7
Negan's kill list is expected to increase when The Walking Dead season 7 premieres Gene Page/AMC

With just over a month left for the premiere of the Walking Dead season 7, the show has fallen victim to an alleged major leak that reveals the identity of the victim/victims who may have been killed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan.

The Facebook fan page, the Spoiling Dead Fans, has released the alleged descriptions of the premiere episode. Though it is not yet confirmed whether their claim holds any ground or not, the fan page definitely spoiled the fun of thousands of fans who were waiting with bated breath for the show's October premiere.

IB Times UK chose not to reveal any available details from the fan page but in case you can't wait for the premiere episode, click here to read the description which reveals the major character's name that is going to meet his end. The page has details up to 8 episodes so proceed at your own risk.

"We gathered up the most pertinent information from the filming of the first part of the season. We thought we would package them up nicely for you in an easy to follow episode breakdown. This is just the first half of the season. We will post what we have for the second half of the season at a later time. Keep in mind that this information is not confirmed. It's based on thorough tracking and investigation," the Spoiling Dead wrote before revealing the episode details.

In the season 6 finale, 11 Alexandria Safe Zone survivors including Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Abe, Eugene, Rosita, Aaron, Sasha were kept hostage at Negan's deathly den. Soon the notorious Savior villain delivered a major blow to one of the hostages by beating him/her repeatedly with his baseball bat Lucille.

However, as the scene was shot from the dying victim's point of view, fans could not see the character's face and they are eagerly waiting since April this year to know which of their favourite character has said his final goodbye to the post-apocalyptic zombie series.

The Walking Dead season 7 will premiere on Sunday, 23 October on AMC.