The Legend of Korra Season 4
The Legend of Korra season 4 Bryan Konietzko/Tumblr

As The Legend of Korra inches towards its final journey, the Nick animation series is getting intense with Korra and Kuvira's impending fight.

Kuvira has already declared her evil intentions to capture the Earth Empire and with only two episodes left to complete the Book 4 Balance, fans are wondering what will happen to the Avatar during her ferocious fight with the latest show's antagonist.

In a previous episode titled, Kuvira's Gambit, the metal bender tried to complete her army by harvesting the spirit vines in order to fulfil her over ambitious dream of conquering Republic City.

Team Avatar, on the other hand, is now desperate to find a way to beat their toughest enemy so far.

Kuvira claims that she's is fighting for the right cause, as previously the Republic City was stolen by Avatar Aang and the former Fire Lord Zuko from the Earth Kingdom.

However, her intention remains dubious as in the previous episode Kuvira proved that she is loyal to no one but herself and went on to use her loved ones to strike the Team Avatar.

Screen Rant suspects that the final battle will be about love and cruelty as the successor of Aang will be surrounded by her friends and family while Kuvira's got only pawns on her side.

The website also suspects that in order to do greater good for her adopted city and friends, the brave Avatar will sacrifice her life during the final battle and this will be her gambit.

Episode 12 of the spinoff series of The Last Airbender is titled Day of the Colossus.

The official synopsis reads:

"Avatar Korra clashes face-to-face with Kuvira on the streets of the Republic City, which puts the fate of the Earth Kingdom and the world itself at risk once again."

The finale episode of Book 4 balance is titled The Last Stand and the episode will end the glorious journey of one of the most popular animation shows by Nickelodeon.

Though fans will cherish every memory of their favourite Korra, the death of the Avatar will be nothing more than devastating for them when the series ends next Friday.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the successor of Aang faces Kuvira and how far their bending war will rage.