Legend of Korra ended its four-season journey at a relative high by showing Korra and Asami together, which was later confirmed to be a lesbian relationship by the show's creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.

However, fans are still reeling on the Korrasami adventures and want to see more of the couple.

Many fans have signed a Change.org petition and have urged Netflix to bring back the spinoff series of the Last Airbender.

The online streaming network recently bought the rights of the live action 'Legend Of Zelda' show and this has increased hopes of Korra fans, who want the network to either bring back the series as another spinoff or make a movie with the avatar as the lead.

Zelda Williams, the voice of the fan favourite avatar, also hopes that the popular Nick animation series returns and posted a question on Twitter that read: "Is there hope for a sequel to Legend of Korra on Netflix?"

Meanwhile, Movie Pilot has come up with a list of celebrities who can play various characters of the popular series, if at all a movie is released on Korra.

The list includes:

Korra - Julia Jones

Tenzin - Ken Watanabe

Asami - Kimiko Glenn

Bolin - Harry Shum Jr.

Mako - Godfrey Gao

Lin Beifong - Michelle Yeoh

Amon - Daniel Dae Kim

Though there is no word from the show creators on whether the show would come up with a spinoff or a movie, fans remain hopeful for a movie as earlier such movements resurrected Longmire and Futurama from dead.