Actress and director Lena Dunham interviewed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her new online newsletter, which is set to launch on 29 September, according to reports. In a clip from the interview released on 25 September, Dunham asked Clinton what she would do about the burden on young people from student loan debt, if she were elected president.

"I want to give everybody a chance to refinance that debt, bring the interest rates down. Because oftentimes in crowds, I will say: who has student debt, and so many hands go up and I'll say does anybody have an interest rate of 8% and hands stay up. How about over 8%? I had a woman in Iowa the other day – 12% she's paying on her loans. I want to compress those, drop those," Clinton said.

"I want to get more kids with debt, young people with debt into programmes where they pay a percentage of their income as opposed to a flat rate. That will make it a lot easier to save some money and not be so stretched all the time. And I want to put a time-certain deadline that after 20 years, you don't have to keep paying it."

Dunham created the newsletter, which will be emailed to subscribers, with her friend and executive producer on her show Girls, Jenni Konner. According to the website, topics will include "feminism, style, health, politics, friendship and everything else", and will be targeted at a young, female audience.