Lewis Hamilton insists that he does not think of how to beat his competitors when preparing for a race, but focusses on his preparation in order to be the best.

The Briton, four-time Formula 1 drivers' world champion, has had fierce competition on his way to his titles, but says that his focus always remains on himself rather than his opponents.

Hamilton battled and overcame fellow four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel in 2018, and had numerous battles with former Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg and came out on top more often than the German.

The 32-year-old believes that focussing on himself and his routine ensures that he is at his best at all times, and when that is the case, the reigning world champion feels that he will not have too many problems when he goes up against his competitors.

Hamilton compared his mindset to that of 20-time men's singles Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, who on his day, is almost unbeatable. There are very few players on tour currently, who have beaten the Swiss ace when he was at the peak of his powers.

"Honestly I just don't focus too much on anyone else. I think ultimately for me and my mindset, if I am at my best then I should have no problems," Hamilton said, as quoted by the Express.

"That's how I approach it. If I prepare myself in the best way and am as fit as I can be and I have the most energy and I'm feeling healthy, I've come with the right approach, I'm working hard, then I truly believe I won't have any problems.

"That's generally what all the drivers will think. That's what you have to think," the Briton explained. "It's the same for a tennis player at their best. I'm sure if you asked [Roger] Federer, he will truly believe that if he's trained hard and arrived feeling great, there's no-one that can touch him."

"You have to be convinced that will be the case. That's what you work towards."

Hamilton is currently preparing for the 2018 F1 campaign, and is likely to come up against Vettel and the Red Bull duo of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen as he targets a fifth world title.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton is targeting his fifth F1 drivers' title in 2018 Getty