At least 11 people have been killed by lightning in India as large parts of the country take shelter from floods.

An official from the Odisha state int he east of the country confirmed that the 11 killed were working in a field when they were caught up in the storm.

The death toll is expected to rise with a further 15 people injured in the storms, many of whom are in a critical condition.

Every year, thousands in India are killed by lighting, often during the monsoon season as they work in fields.

Odisha has been badly hit in the current monsoon season with flash floods and severe storms battering the coastal state. Seven people were killed in 48 hours in the Jajpur district.

Around 700 have died nationally as the monsoon spreads through 20 out for the 29 states of the India.

Of the deaths, 213 alone came in the western state of Gujarat. It wasn't until floodwaters receded that the true number of deaths was revealed by officials.

Suresh Kumar, West Bengal's top disaster management official, said: "Heavy rains have caused massive damage in several districts, including 31 deaths."

To help with the ongoing crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured the public via a radio address on 30 July, that help was being given to those caught up in the storms.

Each year, the monsoon season starts in early to mid-June in the south of the country, before moving upwards towards Delhi by the end of July.