Lindsay Lohan says that she is not trying to flirt with Liam Hemsworth despite what others believe. She has clarified what she was trying to tell the actor in her comment on one of his social media posts.

The "Mean Girls" star left raised eyebrows recently, after she wrote a prayer emoji on a series of photos that show Hemsworth surfing in Australia. Netizens believe that she was subtly trying to get the recently-divorced actor's attention with her comment.

On the contrary, Lohan explained that her intent was not romantic. Instead, it was to express her appreciation that the "Hunger Games" star is into surfing, since it helps with the organisation that she closely works with.

"I think that comes from me being in Australia," Lohan said, when she appeared on CNN's "Times Square New Year's Eve" broadcast. Hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen asked her opinion about the reports of fans shipping her with Hemsworth.

"[Hemsworth] surfs a lot and I work with the WOW Foundation, for Waves of Wellness [a surf therapy organization], in Australia. So that's a very important thing for us," the actress shared. She added, "And so I'm working with them a lot and bringing people with energy together and he surfs and then people took that the wrong way. We always have gossip in our life, you know that," Lohan clarified, as quoted by ET Canada.

Lohan had people talking about her real intentions with the 29-year-old Hemsworth because this was not the first time she commented about the actor through social media. She previously asked him through an E!News story, why they did not meet in Bondi or Sydney.

The 33-year-old "Freaky Friday" star is currently in Australia as one of the judges for "The Masked Singer." However, she revealed her intentions to return to America in 2020 to reclaim what she had worked so hard for. She told Cohen and Cooper that she wants to return to filming and hinted that she has something in store for her fans soon. As for Hemsworth, he has yet to respond to the shipping reports and to the rumours of Lohan flirting with him.

Lindsay Lohan
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