FC Barcelona talisman Lionel Messi said in a recent interview that he doesn't like to boast about his success like his on-field rival Cristiano Ronaldo. He further claimed that the world knows what he is capable of and that's why he feels it's not important to shout about his success

Messi is currently one of the best footballers the world has ever seen. Despite his mind boggling success, he feels that talking about himself isn't his cup of tea. The 32-year old icon claimed that he enjoys it more when other people talk about his success.

He also says that he's aware of his capabilities and hence, he can't be bothered to boast about personal achievements. However, he also mentioned his fondness for discussing collective victories because football is a team game.

In contrast, Ronaldo is a fairly outspoken person. He never leaves an opportunity to boast about his success on and off the pitch. Zlatan Ibrahimovich is another footballer who speaks too much about his professional success. At times, Ibrahimovich even sounds too arrogant.

Lionel Messi
Messi's will take his stay at Barcelona into a 17th year if he stays until 2021. Getty Images

Now, Messi is almost into the latter stage of his lucrative career. Over the past few months, he has been injured multiple times. This season, the Argentine icon made it to the pitch only 5 times across all tournaments, as he was suffering from adductor and foot injuries. Speaking of his injuries, Messi accepted the fact that he needs to spend more time taking care of his fitness and body.

As Daily Mail reports, Messi said, "It is difficult because your mind is fine; you think that you are 25 years old and that you can continue doing the same things at the time. But the body rules and there are circumstances in which you have to be more careful than before. Adapting to it requires a process and preparing differently for training and matches."

Messi recently completed 15 years in Barcelona. He proved that being a one-club guy means that you can still be able to find extraordinary success over time. In comparison, Ronaldo already played for four distinct clubs in four different countries. Speaking about any possibilities leaving Barca for new endeavours, he assured not to have such intentions.