This story was updated on January 5th

An executive at the world's largest live entertainment company has admitted that he is a voyeur that filmed up women's skirts with a pen camera and recorded a neighbour getting an 'intimate wax'.

A court heard that married Andrew Macrae also stole a female colleague's underwear and wore them himself for his own sexually gratification.

The 43-year-old vice president of Live Nation Entertainment amassed 49,000 perverted pictures using a gold-topped pen with many taken as he travelled from Redhill, Surrey, into London.

Macrae concealed the pen in a laptop bag which he placed between victims' legs, Inner London Crown Court, before he was spotted by an off-duty police officer on 19 July last year.

The officer immediately stopped Macrae on a train between Clapham Junction to London Waterloo where the defendant admitted he was filming up women's skirts.

Officers then searched Macrae's home and found a hard drive containing hundreds of other images, including intimate pictures of his female neighbours.

The pictures were taken over a four-year period, dating back to January 2013, and contained in folders called "Project Voy", "Train" and some using the victim's names.

Macrae, who has been sacked by Live Nation, admitted seven counts of voyeurism and three counts of outraging public decency, making "full and frank admissions" to all the offences, reported the MailOnline.

The court was told how Macrae secretly filmed one of the women he knew from work then stole her knickers, that he recorded himself wearing later performing a sex act.

Kate Blumgart, prosecuting, described the moment Macrae was caught red-handed: "The train arrived at 7.15am and he left the train, changed platform to travel to Waterloo. His attention was drawn to Mr Macrae. He was standing on the platform edge near a woman.

"She was blonde and wearing a light summer dress. In his right hand he was holding the straps to a black laptop bag which was on the bag just behind the legs of the female.

"It was zipped up and a pen with gold trimming was fixed to the bag in a peculiar position.

"The top of the pen was poking out of the bag. He was moving and appeared to be changing the angle of the pen."

He was then interviewed and admitted filming up the woman's skirts claiming he had only started the behaviour ten days prior.

In a statement Live Nation's said: "Andrew Macrae was terminated by Live Nation Entertainment in July 2017 following his arrest. Live Nation strongly condemns Macrae's acts and is outraged by his offensive and criminal behaviour which has no place at our company, city or the world at large."