Raheem Sterling
Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge believes Raheem Sterling needs to spend more time building a reputation on the field, before deciding whether to leave Liverpool in 2017. Getty

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has alleviated fears of Raheem Sterling leaving the club in the summer, stating that the youngster will stop stalling his contract after being given more responsibility on the pitch.

The 20-year-old has been linked with a move to all of the top Premier League clubs, including Manchester City and Arsenal, after the player refused to extend his contract beyond 2017.

Reports suggest that his decision was because Sterling's did not like the pay he was offered, and he wanted a bigger share of Liverpool's profits to continue playing for the club.

His position was strengthened after Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane revealed the club were keeping a close eye on Sterling's situation and would decide in the next few days whether to make a move for him.

Arsenal have also been linked with a swap deal for the forward, with Theo Walcott making his way to Anfield in return for Sterling, who has more tricks in his repertoire than the pacey forward who is fighting a losing contract battle with the Gunners.

Meanwhile, City are on the lookout for established England internationals in order to fill their homegrown quota and have also been looking at possible deals for Jack Wilshere and Jordan Henderson.

Sturridge, who has spent a major part of his career hogging the substitute bench in City and Chelsea, wants Sterling to avoid a similar situation, and has urged the player to establish his career at Liverpool before looking at greener pastures.

"As long as he is playing regularly he will be happy. I don't think it is anything to with anything other than that and I hope he will stay at the club," Sturridge said. "It is important, regardless of who you are, to show what you can do – not just for Raheem but any young player.

"It is important to play games and gain experience so whatever decision he makes I am behind him 100%," he added.