Kenny Dalglish
Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish Reuters

Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish, who is probably having the worst season of his career, said he would not change his methods and tactics despite the Reds' poor performances this season, according to a Daily Mail report.

The club, aside from losing three back-to-back games to QPR, Wigan and Newcastle, have also been facing disciplinary problems with Luis Suarez (charged for racially abusing Manchester United skipper Patrice Evra) and most recently Andy Carroll and Pepe Reina during the Reds' clash with Newcastle.

Dalglish, who was foul mouthed by Carroll after being substituted at St James' Park, says he himself would never publicly humiliate a player, no matter how serious the problem may be.

"If someone goes out and gives you the best they can, there is not a problem, If they are looking for direction or help, they will get all the help they want here, as long as they are 100 per cent genuine. If they are not 100 per cent genuine, then there is a problem. But it won't be sorted out publicly. I won't condemn a player in public and never have done. You can only be what you are. If other people (manage) differently, that is up to them," the Daily Mail quoted Dalglish as saying.

However, with the recent run of poor games Liverpool are having, Dalglish, who is at risk of being sacked, will have to provide a very good explanation to American owner John W Henry and chairman Tom Werner as to why Liverpool are currently in such a bad position (the worst since 1953) after having such a good start.

However, the 61-year-old Scot says he is not looking for excuses and wants to find a solution to put an end to their recent misery.

"We are not looking for excuses. We are looking for reasons so that we can correct it. We are not looking to somebody else and saying "if that had been given, it would have been different," he added.

"We are looking at ourselves and asking how we solve our problems. Nobody is looking for sympathy. There is nobody happy here (with the results)," he further added.