Liverpool's Brad Jones
Liverpool's Brad Jones (left) Reuters

Brad Jones is eager to prove himself at Liverpool and is likely to be fielded in some of the Reds' cup games this season. The 30 year old Australian could play in some of the club's Europa League and Capital One Cup games, manager Brendan Rodgers has hinted.

The former Middlesbrough goalkeeper has already played in two of the club's three European games this season and will likely receive more first team minutes during the League Cup game against West Brom. Jones feels his Anfield career has been boosted by the arrival of Rodgers.

"On the pitch, this season's been a lot better for me. The new manager involves me a lot more, which was difficult last year anyway with me being here and being away. I've started with a clean slate, fewer things to worry about this season, and a new manager coming in. It was a case of having to prove myself all over again but it's something I feel has gone well," ESPN quoted Jones as saying.

However, the competition with other keeper aside, Jones has spoken in favour of Liverpool's first choice goalkeeper Pepe Reina, who has had a shaky start this season; the 30 year old Spaniard was criticised after performances against Manchester City and Arsenal.

"You don't get to the top, which is where he has been for the last five or six years, if you are no good. It is simple as that, and you don't stay there. Whether he has made the odd mistake here or there, it is easy for people to jump on a goalkeeper and criticise," quoted Jones as saying.

"I don't think anyone has any doubt about Pepe. I don't think he has any doubt either. He has been at the top since he was 17, starting playing at Barcelona, so I wouldn't be worried if it was me and I don't think he is too worried about himself," he added.

Meanwhile, Jones paid tribute to his club and fans for helping him and his family after the death of his son Lucas, who succumbed to leukemia last November. The Australian international feels his bond with the Reds has become stronger following this tragic incident.

"It is a special place to be. It's one big family and nothing shows that more than the way I've been treated," he added, according to ESPN.